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  Creative Exchange, Inc.
maintains several Engineering alliances with other organizations whose specialties supplement our own core technology. These specialists allow Creative Exchange, Inc. to provide full service capabilities to our customers and are available as part of Creative Exchange's Full Service OEM Engineering Team.

Typical of these alliances are:

  • System Design, High Speed Bus and Backplane Design, Power and Packaging, Regulatory Compliance Engineering, Seminars.
  • New Product Development or Enhancements to Existing Products. Full service Electronic Engineering capabilities taking product from prototype to production.
  • Consulting, Engineering, Product Development Services to a wide range of hardware and software manufacturers. Expertise in Digital, Analog and Signal Integrity Designs allowing cost-effective solutions that span these disciplines. Specializing in PLD/ASIC/ Microcontroller Embedded Designs and special-function PC expansion cards.
  • Premier Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, servicing the medical, computer, telecommunications and commercial markets. Also supporting, Mechanical Modeling & PCB Interference Checking.
  • Expert Thermal Engineering analysis software for PCB's and enclosures. Vibration or Shock structural finite element analysis software ensuring structural integrity, along with physical testing and hard data.





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